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Choose from a comprehensive range of quality architectural hardware products.


ENTRO leather products are made to last offering a rustic yet sophisticated palette of warm tones.

  • Night Black (NBK)

  • Dusk Blue (DBU)

  • Banksia Green (BGN)

  • Burnt Brown (BBR)

  • Whiskey Brown (WBR)

  • Saddle Tan (TAN)

  • Ivory Cream (CRM)

  • Cement Grey (GRY)

  • Snowy White (SWT)


The meticulous nature of timbercraft is a signature of ENTRO.
White Oak is an ENTRO select due to its durability and beautiful light blonde color with ash overtones and is the perfect complement to any building. American Oak displays mostly straight grains with a medium to course texture to create a subtle yet elegant appearance. ENTRO's timber craft offers an enhanced and unique investment for any project - opening possibilities.




Enhance your handle with an added colour feature. ENTRO offers a range of colour options for the handle’s standoffs which further enhances the overall appearance.
ENTRO works with a range of different finishes including powder coating.

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