Timbercraft and Finishes

Timbercraft is one of the signatures of the Eastwood brand. American Oak is an Eastwood select due to its durability and beautiful light blonde colour with ash overtones and is the perfect complement to any design.

American Oak displays mostly straight grains with a medium to course texture to create a subtle yet elegant appearance. Eastwood’s timbercraft offers an enhanced and unique investment for any project. 

Leathercraft and Colours

Eastwood leather products offer a rustic yet sophisticated palette of warm tones. The leather is sourced from top quality European hides and are handcrafted locally in Australia.

The hand cross-stitching of the leather to timber gives a timeless look and feel. Front cross-stitching is available on request. Eastwood’s leather products are made to last, with obsessive attention to detail.

Metal Finishes

Endurium is an advanced ceramic coating process which offers both a range of stunning colours while providing an anti-microbial barrier to effectively endure the most demanding commercial environments.